Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Rice in my Lékué Steamer

Back in December I bought a really cool gadget.  Its a silicone steamer for your microwave, also known as a Microwave Pot Ogya from Lékué.  You can use it to steam meat, vegetables, rice, or even fish using broth or water to create a healthy meal from your microwave.  I've used it a few times since I purchased it, mostly for steaming vegetables.  I like it- its quick and easy and once you get the timing down its unbelievably simple.  I've always been intrigued by the rice option.  Have I mentioned before that I make the worst rice in the world?  I rarely attempt it anymore and even if its instant rice from a box its 50/50 on whether it turns out good.  I recently was given a rice cooker, but haven't used it yet due to our lack of counter space combined with our lack of a dishwasher.  So I had it in the back of my mind that the next time that I wanted to attempt some rice, I would give the Ogya a try. 

It was Friday night and I had taken out a london broil the night before for dinner.  I marinated it with some teriyaki sauce and planned to pair it with some white rice and sauteed haricot verts.  After searching for the recipe guide that came with the steamer I remembered that like all other things in the universe, a copy of them was probably on their website.  Jackpot! 

Because its rice, its the simplest recipe ever.  This is the bane of my existence because as simple as rice can be; I struggle with it!!  I could follow every instruction to the T and its too watery, or too crunchy, or not done, or too done or it takes three times as long until its done.  It can be completely frustrating.  This time around, I measured one cup of white rice and poured it into the steamer.  Added a touch of olive oil and some salt and swished it all around.  Covered it all up and microwaved on HIGH for 1 minute.  Then I added 2 cups of water, covered it again, and microwaved on HIGH for another 15 minutes and let it sit for a few before opening.  I opened this lid and....

Perfection.  I could tell, immediately, from the light holes along the surface of the rice.  The texture may be a touch sticky for some palates but I enjoy my rice when it clumps up a touch and this was a perfect blend of sticky and firm.  The olive oil gave it a nice, almost nutty, flavor.  I really, really enjoyed it and went back for seconds.  I'll use this again, for sure!  I want to play around for lunches, too- maybe add vegetables and chicken stock for a risotto type dish.  I can't wait to see what else this thing can do! 


Not only are Lekue steamers available online, but you can check them out in person at my friend, Dave's, store: Pro Kitchen Gear in Greenville, DE. 

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